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Is Accessible Travel part of Responsible Tourism

General InterestPosted by Alan Mon, November 05, 2012 19:28:01
The World Travel Market is now upon us and over the next four days thousands of travel professionals from all around the world will descend on the ExCel Centre in London.

Already accessible travel has been headlined with Fiona Jeffery commenting on 'intolerance and barriers can make disabled travellers lives a misery' the full content of her speech is on http://www.traveldailynews.com/news/article/51890/intolerance-and-barriers-can-make

Now whilst I agree with Fionas comments I find it slightly galling that all references at this years World Travel Market to accessible travel are under the all encompassing 'responsible tourism'. Why galling you may ask or at least wonder, well the answer is simple ...... why are all the other activities and seminars at the World Travel Market not similarly classified for after all touristic activities should be responsible both in the true sense of the word and in its modern concocted commercial form.

Accessible travel is not about 'responsible tourism' its about recognising the equality between the disabled and non-disabled traveller and recognising that the same opportunities to make reservations on-line, via travel agents or tour operators are available to all irrespective of ones abilities.

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